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Hey! I'm richie!

I started a homeschool blog a few years ago called Homeschool & Humor, and once I got to blogging, I couldn't stop! I've always loved beauty and skincare and, in fact, was part of Younique as a Younique Presenter for a few years. I still sell Younique products from time to time, but now I find myself absolutely loving helping others with makeup and skincare tips. 

I'm a homeschool mom of 3 beautiful kids: Daniel (11), Zoey (10), and Scout (3). We're also a traveling family as well. My perfect hubby, Aaron, works on submarines and is on 100% travel contracted with the Navy, so we travel with him as much as possible (which is one of the many reasons why we homeschool!)

Beauty isn't just on the outside; it's in the inside too. It's important to be just as healthy as beautiful, and through this website, I hope you learn different ways to be beautiful and healthy.

It's my hope that you find delight from my words, treasures within my posts, and camaraderie in #MomLife.

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